Almost all restaurants have their best sellers but for me, I want to taste the unrecognized food in their menus. That is why I will give you the delicious and affordable food that you can order beside The Famous 50’s Burger and Ice Cream Shakes of Glenn 50’s Diner.

The Best Food at Glenn 50’s Diner


I will present four meals that you can order at 50’s beside Gangsta gangsta.


You and I is serve with deep fried breaded ground beef and ground chicken , topped with tartar sauce and chili con carne. This is the best for people who are craving for both beef and chicken. I like the sauce because I can really taste the ingredients of chili con carne.


What I really love about this food is the crunchiness of pork. Schnitzel is breaded pork tenderloin dish served with vegetable and rice.


SHE is a dish of Glenn 50’s Diner served withย chickenย legs, pork chop, breaded fish, minute steak, hot dog, fries and vegetable. I love this dish because of the complete kinds of food in one plate!


I love sandwiches and ordering this mouthwatering cheesy cheese sandwich of Glenn 50’s Diner satisfied my cravings!


Beat the heat with this sweet Chocolate Parfait. I love sweets especially Ice cream and this Parfait is the best for dessert.


I love sweets and Marshmallow is obviously in my list. This Marshmallow Cobbler is full of marshmallow under the Ube ice cream and it is very delicious. If you are a fan of Ube then you should really try this one.


Last but definitely not the least is the Barista Kiss. Barista kiss is a coffee blended with fresh fruits infused with ice cream top and whipped cream.


You will find all of this at Glenn 50’s Diner. Dine now and enjoy their delicious and affordable food you can’t resist.