Experience at Glenn 50’s Diner

When I was a kid, me and my family don’t usually eat in any fine dining restaurants or any fast food chains because my mother and grandmother knows how to cook. Their always dilemma is ‘why will you spent huge amount of money if we can cook it?’. That is why I’m use to eat inside the house or packed a lunched when I go to school.

However when I reach High school, my mother went abroad to work and my grandmother took care of my Aunt and cousin in Pangasinan, no one is cooking delicious food anymore. My father can cook but not as delicious as my mother and grandmother’s food. That is when I started eating on restaurants and fast food chains and spent at least a hundred a day.

When I reached Β Fourth Year High school, that’s when I realized that what I ateΒ in those restaurants are not worth it. Some restaurants are expensive and yet their serving is little and sometimes not delicious. One of my high school friend introduce me too Glenn 50’s Diner and it was still located Upper General Luna. Unlike other fine dining restaurants, Glenn 50’s Diner serves more of its food and the taste is really good.

I remember the first thing I order was the famous 50’s Burger and I was really surprised because the Burger is big not like the other fancy restaurants that serves tiny burger bun and burger itself. My money is really worth it!

Now, Glenn 50’s Diner has two branches at Porta Vaga Mall and Military Cut off.

Let us dine and experience the great taste and timeless food only at Glenn 50’s Diner!